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About SecuraCore

You are realizing your dream of living in central Oregon. Whether you’re remodeling, building or just living in the space you’ve been in for years, a little smart home technology can add the perfect finishing touch and make your home shine. Adding technology to a home comes in many forms -security, surveillance, audio, video, lighting, shades, WiFi - just to name a few. And this is where SecuraCore, central Oregon’s home technology expert, can help. “Our business was created to help today’s homeowner better understand their technology options and focus on the areas they believe are most important”, commented Matt Schaberg, SecuraCore’s owner. Whether a homeowner wants to start with a simple smart home security system and add technology in the future, we can provide them with a roadmap that builds on what they already have in place. “We really want to offer a resource that helps today’s homeowner end up somewhere between a difficult to use Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach and an expensive custom design. Time and again, we have found that homeowners are extremely happy with an in-between solution”. We call it ‘personalization’, which allows us to use a tried and true product such as Lutron, Sonos or to meet each client’s unique needs. We rarely select a manufacturing partner whose product hasn’t been tested, used, and reviewed by millions of homeowners, because to us, this is the ultimate test of product worthiness. “A homeowner can save thousands of dollars, often in labor and excessive equipment, by avoiding a custom solution that has to be built from scratch.”, Schaberg mentioned. Our goal is to make affordable-technology, easy to use for homeowners and their guests, while offering the highest level of customer service.


Bend's Smart Home Technology Company

SecuraCore is a smart home technology company that specializes in easy-to-use and affordable smart solutions for all sizes of residences in Bend and across Central Oregon. Rather than 'customize' (translation : expensive, difficult to use, hard to maintain), our security-at-the-core background let's us 'personalize' proven, off-the-shelf solutions used by millions of consumers, that just work! In the home technology world this makes us unique and we believe offers a better overall solution.

Whether you are looking for a home security system with video surveillance to monitor your home while youʼre away, automated smart lighting for indoor convenience and outdoor security, or a new home surveillance system, as professionals with your home's technology, we can help.


Automatic alerts & control when youʼre away

When youʼre away, your smart home app provides the comfort of home in the palm of your hand. Fully control your smart home security system and receive automatic alerts when there's something you need to know.


You'll also be able to control your other security devices like lights, thermostats, door locks, and your garage remotely using your smartphone. Never wonder if the door was left unlocked or the garage is open. With a SecuraCore smart home security system, you can control your home security and access from virtually anywhere.

  • Remotely arm or disarm your system

  • Instant alerts in the palm of your hand

  • View live video while your away

  • Control smart lighting from afar

  • Lock or unlock the door whenever you need

  • Update your home's temperature to when you want

  • Shut the garage door from your desk at work

Smarter security with amazing looks

The wall-mounted 7" color touchscreen is the centerpiece of your smart home security system. This great looking and easy-to-use touchscreen provides you with the power to manage your smart home system, security and more, at all times from a central location in your home. Combined with the remote app, you'll have full control no matter where you are. Your smart home security system provides real protection for the things you value most, while providing easy-to-use controls and full integration with the devices you already use.

  • Easily combined with other smart home automation technologies (locks, thermostats, lights, security, garage, video)

  • Control and monitoring for your full suite of remote sensors (door/window sensors, smoke & CO detectors, leak detectors)

  • Scheduled alerts, automation rules, and scheduling automation for optimum convenience

  • Local or cloud recording for greater peace of mind


Watch over the things in your life you value most


All of our home video surveillance and security systems can be customized to fit your property and your security needs. Whether you are simply looking for a video doorbell or youʼd like a full indoor and outdoor surveillance system, we can help. The video surveillance equipment we recommend is hand selected for the highest quality and performance to give you the best video security options that fit your needs and budget. HDR, night vision, continuous monitoring, wired, or wireless, weʼll help you determine the best option for you. Home surveillance systems are the next best thing to being there. Indoor, outdoor, and at your door, we have security cameras that meet your needs and work within your budget.

  • Never again wonder who is at the door

  • Watch the kids while they are outside

  • Add another layer of security to your home with video surveillance

  • Keep an eye on what matters most with video surveillance


Always reliably connected in your home

Now more than ever, the reliability of your homeʼs network determines your technology success. From streaming movies and music to working from home, or the kids doing homework, these experiences are oftentimes only as good as the services in your home. But it doesnʼt stop there:

  • Mobile phones and tablets

  • Streaming services

  • Whole home audio and music streaming

  • Smart TVs and home entertainment systems

  • Smart lighting

  • Home security systems

  • Smart thermostat control

  • Gaming

  • Network printers

These are just some of the devices in your home that rely on a solid network to communicate with each other in order to work as they should. Smart home and smart home security devices increase the usage of your home network, which can slow down your WiFi, reduce connectivity, and cause interruption when there are too many users or devices for your network to support.

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Sonos home.jpeg


Bring music, television & audio entertainment to every area of your home


Listen to your favorite music no matter where you are in your house or yard with a multi-room audio system designed specifically for you. Control wireless speakers in multiple zones from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora - the choice is yours - offering ultimate convenience at your fingertips or through your voice. At SecuraCore, our team of audio experts in Bend will help you create & install a home audio system designed to match your specific needs.

Enjoy high-performance audio in all areas of your home:​

  • Listen to podcasts in the kitchen

  • Blast tunes by the pool or in the game room

  • Sing along in the shower

  • Stream soft jazz in the dining room while entertaining

  • Play records in the living room

  • Enjoy cinematic quality sound in your home theater

  • Sleep better with lullabies in the kidsʼ rooms or white noise in the master bedroom

  • Watch and listen to the big game out on the patio


Weʼll help you select the brand and tech thatʼs best for your budget

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Call Us: (541) 241-8114

CCB# 230919


920 NW Bond St, STE 208

Bend, OR 97703

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