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Are you in search of an automation solution to enhance your lifestyle? SecuraCore specializes in a complete range of automation solutions, covering surveillance, security, automated shades, lighting and more. Let us guide you in selecting and installing the perfect automation solution that seamlessly combines efficiency, aesthetics, and comfort for your Bend home or business.


Experience the benefits of an automation solution, where technology seamlessly works together to enhance comfort and convenience in your home or business. Whether it's an exceptional outdoor patio and firepit audio solution, lighting you can control with your phone, or a security or awareness system ensuring peace of mind when you're away, our automation solutions are tailored to fit your lifestyle.

SecuraCore is committed to offering the finest and most reliable brands and services, ensuring you enjoy the best technology, regardless of the type or size of solution you choose.

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Utilize Clear Connect communication from Lutron or Z-Wave via dimmers and switches for seamless lighting control. Effortlessly manage individual or groups of lights in your home, either on a schedule or through custom scenes.

Whether you're at home or away, take control of your lighting using a phone or a simple press of a button from an in-wall dimmer, keypad, or touch screen. Set exterior lights to automatically illuminate at dusk, turn off all lights from the comfort of your bed through an app, and program your living room lights to dim through a scene when you watch movies. Customize your lighting experience, such as scheduling your outdoor patio lighting to illuminate at sunset.

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Lutron's automated shading solutions optimize your natural light, minimizing reliance on overhead lighting and enhancing energy efficiency. Whether you're at home or away, take charge of your shades effortlessly through your phone or a simple button press.

Close your shades remotely from your workplace as the midday sun intensifies to boost A/C efficiency, or have your shades automatically open when you wake up to kickstart your day. Schedule your automated shades to close automatically at a specific nighttime hour, eliminating the need for manual closure each day.


In today's digital landscape, the success of your technology is increasingly dependent on the reliability of your WiFi. Whether streaming movies, music, supporting kids' homework, or facilitating remote work, your productivity hinges on the strength of your network and WiFi.

Invest in a professional home WiFi and networking solution to ensure you have the appropriate bandwidth and coverage to support all your devices and users without hassle. Embrace technology that seamlessly works for you.

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Immerse yourself in thrilling surround sound whether you're in the living room, family room, bedroom, outdoor patio, or home cinema with Samsung TVs and Sonos audio solutions.

Combine this setup with streaming or cable services for a user-friendly solution, offering fantastic content from popular streaming services like YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO. Enjoy seamless access to your favorite shows on any TV, complete with premium sound and image quality, regardless of the room you're in.

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Effortlessly manage your favorite music source such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Pandora using Sonos app or through a touch panel. Whether your speakers are integrated into walls, ceilings, bookshelves, or placed on your counter, they seamlessly collaborate and are aesthetically designed to blend in, minimizing visual impact. Experience exquisite sound that extends throughout your home and outdoor space for the perfect listening experience.

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Discover the elegance of LED linear strip lighting and fixtures from AspectLED and Lutron. Minimalist and beautifully designed, these lighting solutions add warmth and brightness to your home while promoting energy efficiency. Combine them with lighting control and automated shades to achieve the ideal harmony of light. Whether indoors or outdoors, low voltage lighting is an exceptional way to elevate any space.

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Effortlessly manage temperature control based on occupancy, set schedules, or utilize voice assistant technology. Stay informed with crucial notifications about temperature, water, and environmental conditions when you're away, and return to a comfortable home by adjusting the temperature upon your arrival. Implementing a smart climate solution not only ensures convenience but also leads to cost savings, conserving up to 23% of winter heating energy and up to 16% of summer cooling.

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A comprehensive automation system often begins with security and awareness, offering complete control over access and security whether you're in your kitchen or thousands of miles away. Enjoy peace of mind with automated alerts, round-the-clock monitoring, and the convenience of viewing your video surveillance feed right from the palm of your hand. Safeguard what matters most with security and awareness technology.

If you're not ready for a full automation solution, no worries! We can assist in choosing and installing individual solutions. Our collaborative approach allows us to install everything you need today and devise a plan for future technology additions.

SecuraCore's automation systems are designed for flexibility, ensuring you can easily expand your system whenever you're ready. Trust us to tailor the perfect solution to meet your evolving needs.

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We partner with owners, architects, builders, and interior designers to blend easy to use technology into any residence or business. If you are upgrading, remodeling, or starting on a new build, we are here to help you not only select the right system and best smart technology, but also get your automation system fully installed and configured.

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