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Looking for a home automation system to enhance the way you live?  SecuraCore specializes in all things home automation from home security systems to automated shades and everything in between. Let us help with the selection of a home automation system and installation that brings striking efficiency, beauty and comfort to your home and property in Bend.

Not ready to commit to a full home automation system? No problem! We can help with selection and installation of any piece of your smart home system. We will work with you to install everything you need and if needed, create a plan to add technology in the future. SecuraCore’s home automation systems are designed for flexibility so you can always add on to your system whenever you want.

Smart home automation system panel control


With all your home automation systems integrated, you can control everything from a single app on your smart phone or a touch screen control panel in your home. No need to check in on multiple apps or platforms, all your home automation - all in one place.


Let your house work for you. Being able to see that your package was delivered from your phone, listening to your favorite music throughout the house, automatically locking all the doors at night, being able to shut the garage door after you left the house for your road trip. The conveniences of a smart home automation system are endless.


You’ll be able to monitor and protect your home any time and anywhere. Plus, you’ll have the option to select professional monitoring for all your home security needs.


Have an issue? Avoid the headache and leave the troubleshooting to us. We’ve got you covered with full customer support before, during, and after your home automation installation.


All of SecuraCore’s home automation systems are personalized to what you actually want or need in your home. Only looking for a home security system? Want to control your home entry and lighting? No problem. We’ll design your system to fit exactly what you need.


Say goodbye to installation frustration. Our team is experienced in installing smart home systems in a variety of home remodels, upgrades, and new builds. It doesn’t matter if your new system is wired or wireless, SecuraCore is equipped to install your system so you have a technology that works for you. 


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A smart home means enjoying the comfort and convenience technology provides, whether that’s the ultimate outdoor home theater setup, smart lighting that can be adjusted from your phone, or a security system that gives you peace of mind while you’re away, our home automation systems are completely customized to your lifestyle. At SecuraCore, we select the best, most reliable brands and systems to give you the best smart home technology, no matter what type of smart automation you’re using. Here are some of the our most commonly installed smart home applications.

Smart lighting light bar in bathroom


Using Clear Connect communication from Lutron or WiFi / Z-Wave through iDevices, Smart Lighting Control is a great way to effortlessly control individual or groups of lights throughout your home, on a schedule or as a custom scene. 


Home or away, control your smart lighting through a mobile phone or with the press a button from an in-wall switch, keypad, or touch screen. Automatically turn on exterior lights at dusk or switch off all the lights from bed with your smart phone app. You can even program your living room lights to dim when you select your movie setting or enable only your outdoor patio lighting with a preset scene for entertaining.



Automated Shade Solutions from Lutron maximize control of natural light, reducing the need for electric light and increasing energy savings. Home or away, control your shades through your phone or with the press of a button.


Close the blinds from work as the sun heats up midday to increase A/C efficiency or automatically open your shades when you wake up to get your day started. Time your motorized shades to automatically close at a certain time of night and eliminate the time you spend manually closing them each day.

Motorized shade control from Lutron
Home office with Wifi


Now more than ever, the reliability of your WiFi determines your technology success. From streaming movies and music to kids doing homework or you working from home, your productivity is only as good as your Network and WiFi. With Araknis Networks and OvrC you’ll have a hardwired, bullet-proof Network / WiFi solution... or simply upgrade your existing WiFi with incredible speeds from EERO.


With a professional home wifi & networking solution, we’ll make sure you have the right equipment to support all of your devices and users, without the hassle. Get the technology that works for you.

eero logo


Experience exhilarating surround sound in your living room, family room, bedroom, outdoor patio, or home cinema with customized Samsung TVs, Sonos speakers, and sound bars. 


When paired with Apple TV or Google TV, you’ll have an easy-to-use solution with great content from your favorite streaming services like YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO. Easily access your favorite shows from any TV with premium sound and image quality no matter what room you’re in.

Apple TV logo
Google TV logo
Samsung logo
Sonos Home Entertainment System
Sonos speaker in modern home


Control Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Pandora simply and intuitively through a touch panel or Sonos app. Whether speakers are placed in walls, ceilings, bookshelves, or on your counter, they all work together and are designed to aesthetically blend in to minimize visual impact while delivering beautiful sound that you can enjoy throughout your home and outdoor space.

Pandora Music logo
Amazon Music logo
Spotify logo
Apple Music logo


Minimalist, beautifully designed, residential LED strip lighting and fixtures from AspectLED and Lutron make your home warm and bright while saving energy. Pair with lighting control and motorized shades to create the perfect balance of light with time. Low voltage lighting is an incredible way to enhance any space indoor or outdoor.

Lutron logo
Aspect LED logo
low voltage LED lighting indoor space
smart thermostat settings in app


Easily operate temperature control through occupancy, on a schedule, or with voice assistant technology. Receive important temperature, water, and environmental notifications when you’re away and come home to comfort by adjusting to the perfect temperature as you arrive. With a smart climate plan from or 2GIG, you'll save money by conserving up to 23% of your winter heating energy and up to 16% of summer cooling. Authorized Service Provider logo
2GIG Logo

With new brands and products continuously entering the market, it can be challenging to decide what you need to make your home automation goals a reality. With SecuraCore, you’ll be working with a home automation professional who knows how it all connects and the products you need to get there. Our focus at SecuraCore is home automation and smart home security systems.  Our goal is to ensure you get exactly what you need at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to setup a free consultation. We’ll talk about what you’d like to achieve and how we can help you get there. Not sure you want it all now? No problem! We can help you design a flexible system that can be updated when it’s right for you.


Smart home security is often the starting point of any home automation system giving you complete control of your home access and security whether you’re in your kitchen or 10,000 miles away. You’ll have peace of mind with automated alerts, 24/7 monitoring, and the ability to view your video surveillance feed from the palm of your hand. Protect what you love with smart home security.

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Front Door Opening
white and brown wooden house under blue


We partner with homeowners, architects, general contractors, and interior designers to blend easy to use technology into any residence. If you are upgrading your home, remodeling, or starting on a new build, we are here to help you not only select the right system and best smart technology, but also get your home automation system fully installed and configured.


SecuraCore is a smart home automation company in Bend specializing in home security and smart home automation. Learn more about us and our Signature Smart Home process and satisfaction guarantee. 

"SecuraCore's professionalism, attention to detail, customer service, and expertise are by far, the best I've ever experienced. I plan on continuing to use his products, and services to expand my home security system. And modernizing, and transforming my home to more of a modern smart home. With his company leading the way."

- Cedric K.


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