Now more than ever, the reliability of your WiFi network determines your technology success. From streaming movies and music, to kids homework or when working from home, you’re oftentimes only as good as your Network and WiFi.

Building your dream home from the ground up gives you the chance to add today’s “smart” technology to enhance entertainment, communication and comfort. The Home Connection Center is where it all comes together. Even if you are a little hesitant to outfit your home with the latest and greatest technology, pre-wiring means you’ll have the option to add them to your home down the road.  Today’s household is constantly streaming content, browsing social media, gaming and using multiple devices all at the same time. Properly wired, placed and configured Wireless Access Points (WAPs) will ensure that all wireless demands are met not only now but in the future as well.


We’ll make sure it’s set up so that you can connect, but your neighbors can’t.  You'll be wireless and worry-free. Anywhere in your home or yard.



Technology, and especially WiFi technology is advancing at an astounding rate. As we move into this world of connected technology, the home network whether wired or wireless will need to be up to date and be ultra reliable. The vast majority of wireless routers provided by your local cable company are designed to work in a 1000-1500 sq. ft home. In the real world, those numbers can drop significantly. 



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Mobile Phones, Streaming Movies and Television Shows, Whole House Music Services, Internet Radio, Network DVD Players, Smart Televisions, Lighting Control, Thermostat Control, Gaming, Network Printers etc., are just some of the devices in your home that rely on a solid network to communicate with each other in order to work as they should.



A network is a home’s central nervous system for communications and control. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s robust for today and tomorrow’s technology. 


We will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all of your system needs including your TV, telephone, music, security, control system and mobile devices. A high-speed and secure wired and wireless network provides the functionality and protection you desire.