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Installing smart blinds and automated roller shades throughout your home allows you to control the sun's power as it moves throughout the day to conserve energy usage. Blackout roller shades open and close with daylight hours and can improve circadian rhythms and sleep.  While smart blinds adjust to the perfect angle according to the sun’s position or your preferences. Smart blinds & automated roller smart shades enable you to: 

  • Protect your family’s privacy by automatically closing at night and preventing onlookers from seeing inside your home

  • Save money by managing how the sun’s rays come into your house throughout the year:

    • Stay comfortable in the summer by keeping your house cool with sensors that automatically adjust based on temperature​

    • Capture extra warmth from the sun in winter by automatically adjusting to the right angle based on the position of the sun

    • Maximize energy efficiency when paired with smart thermostats and climate control systems

  • Wake up slowly with natural light by gradually opening in the morning

  • Save time by adjusting all your shades and blinds at once instead of one at a time

  • Preserve delicate furnishings, floors, and artwork by managing natural light exposure

  • Save electricity when combined with smart lighting for the perfect amount of natural light at all time

  • Blend the perfect amount of natural and artificial light in your home


Once installed, you’ll be able to control your smart blinds and automated smart shades with a mobile app, remote control, your voice, a timer, or automatically based on time of day. For professional installation of your smart blinds and roller shades in Bend and throughout Central Oregon, contact us. We’ll help you select the right blinds for your space and budget, install them, connect with your other smart home devices, and show you how to use them.

Smart Roller Shades In Modern Home



With smart blinds and roller shades, you can save on your electricity and energy bills by automatically adjusting to the sun’s presence throughout the day and seasonally. You can automatically adjust your smart blinds to keep strong rays out during the summer, keeping your home cooler and maximizing energy usage. In winter take full advantage of the sun’s heat during the day with automatic timing and sensors that open and close your blinds & shades automatically throughout the day. Sensors also allow you to maximize natural light and reduce electricity usage. There are even options with solar-powered batteries so that blinds and roller shades can charge throughout the day on renewable energy


Control your home from afar with the use of a mobile app that lets you open, close, and adjust your window treatments as needed. While at home use the app, voice commands, or a single button or remote to control your smart shades. You can control an entire room, level, or all smart blinds in your home with one button and on automatic settings or timers to save you time and effort. You can open the blinds in the bedroom or throughout the house before you even get out of bed in the morning.


Use wireless options to eliminate concerns and reduce the risk involved with power cables, drawstrings, or pull cords. With these wireless options, you can rest easy knowing that you are keeping toddlers and infants out of harm's way and preventing pets from pulling down your shades or blinds. With smart blinds and roller shades, you can connect with your smart home security system to add features like automatic vacation settings that open and close window treatments to mimic your presence at home. You can also maintain your privacy while at home with automatic nighttime settings.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a smart blinds & shades professional in Bend.


Automated Roller Shades In Main Living Area

Choose from a variety of designs, styles, fabric, color, and sizes to customize your home with smart blinds and shades. There are options for every home and budget as well as options for solar charging, battery powered, and even wired options if desired.

  • Blackout Roller Blinds

  • Blackout Roller Blinds

  • Roller Shades

  • Solar Shades

  • Tensioned Shades

  • Honeycomb Shades

  • Window Drapes

  • Automated Wood Blinds

  • Traditional Drapery Tracks

  • Vertical Drapery System


When you work with SecuraCore in Bend to install your automated shades, we’ll help you through the entire process, including design selection. We’ll also make sure you have the best option to pair with your existing smart home devices, connect them upon install, and show you how to use them. As experts in home automation, we stay up-to-date on the options available to save you the time & energy to research options and know what works best for your setup. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate on smart blind installation for your home.

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Smart blinds & smart shades are a type of motorized window treatment that connect to WiFi or a smart home system and enable you to control your shades & blinds via an app, smart home control system, or even voice control. Many smart window treatments also have automatic sensors that enable automatic adjustments based on lighting or temperature.


Yes, there are various Do-it-Yourself conversion kits available that can be ordered online. These kits are primarily designed for slatted wood or aluminum blinds, require blind removal and modification and maintain a short 3-month battery life. Because of the complexity of ensuring each kit works with an existing blind, we do not offer this solution. We do offer Lutron’s line of automated roller shades, which can be designed into a newly constructed home or retrofitted into an existing home. Lutron’s wireless, battery-operated shades maintain a 3-5 year standard battery life and can be ordered with an extended battery that lasts up to 7 years. To learn more about the options for your home, get in touch with us to talk with a SecuraCore smart home professional today.


The cost of smart blinds varies depending on the brand, style, and features of the treatments. There are options available for any budget. When you work with SecuraCore for professional installation of your smart blinds or automated roller shades, we’ll help you select the options that are best for your home, style, and budget. We always offer free estimates so you know exactly what your smart blinds & shades will cost including professional installation and setup.


Have other questions about smart shades or blinds? Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Modern Kitchen with Smart Home System


Smart blinds & shades can complement and enhance many other features of your home automation system. Connect with your home security system for added privacy and enhanced features that allow you to control your shades while away from home. Use smart shades in conjunction with your smart thermostat and smart lighting to save energy and cost. You can even connect with your home entertainment system for automatic settings that allow you to change settings with one control when it’s time for a movie night or to wake up in the morning.


With all of your devices connecting via your home network, we’ll make sure you have the home network settings and equipment to reliably power it all. SecuraCore can help install your full smart home system, whether you want it all installed at once or want to add on over time. Get in touch with us today for professional smart home installation in Bend, Sisters, Redmond, and throughout Central Oregon.

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