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Minimalist, beautifully designed, residential LED lighting fixtures make your home warm and bright while saving energy.



LED Strip Lighting

Flexible LED strip lights are a perfect solution for a wide variety of architectural and accent lighting applications including; cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, back-lighting, pathway lighting and decorative lighting.


Accent Lighting

Used to place attention on a specific item or area. LED accent lights draw attention from the radiance illumination coming from the accent LED strip lights. LED accent lighting is commonly used spotlight products, pieces of artwork, items and other objects.

Back Lighting

Edge-lit acrylic sheet lighted panels are at the forefront of an innovative new trend in lighting that combines etched light guide acrylic with LED's linear technology. That pairing allows for a variety of new and unique applications. Mount the panels under an onyx counter or behind a sign or display for intense backlighting effects.


Landscape lights are bright, energy efficient, and attractively styled, making them perfect for virtually any outdoor application.


Control a variety of landscape lighting.

  • Spotlights highlight specific key features throughout your landscape.

  • Path lights are used as guiding lights to illuminate walk and path way can also be used in large flower beds to illuminate areas with lots of ground vegetation.

  • Hardscape lights can be used when you need a low-profile fixture to highlight specific architectural features.

  • In-ground lights are used in up-lighting situations that require the light source to remain hidden.

  • Underwater lights are specifically designed to be fully or partially submerged year-round and can be  used in fountains or ponds.